Water Quality


In the United States the EPA regulates our drinking water except private well water. Our drinking water varies in quality from area to area. The quality of the water source depend upon where the water is drawn and the treatment that is applied. The EPA recommends the owners of a water well used for drinking have the water quality tested annually. For greater understanding about our drinking water you can contact your local health department or the EPA. (The Safe Drinking Water Act – Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has the responsibility for setting national drinking water levels and standards)


 What contaminants could be found in drinking water?

100% pure water may not taste good. Minerals give water its taste. Depending on the region can depend on the difference in water taste. As surface (ground) water soaks into the ground, erosion takes place, and minerals are delivered to the underground water sources. Often man-made chemicals enter our water sources. Certain levels of minerals and chemicals are considered contaminants that is deemed unsafe. One state certified commercial lab in our area offers these test results for: coliform, nitrate, nitrite, E.coli, lead, sodium, sulfate, iron, pH, total dissolved solids, arsenic. 


Where does drinking water come from?

Our drinking water comes for many different sources. Such as rain water, streams, rivers, lakes, underground water ways. Depending where you live will give you an idea where your drinking source may come from which could be miles away. People living in  rural areas source of water may come from underground water ways or wells. Others that live closer to town or a city could get its water from lakes (natural or man-made), rivers, or a type of collected water system. Either way, the water we drink comes from somewhere. To make our drinking water safe to drink it needs to be tested and filtered. 


Special health needs

A person with higher health needs could be more susceptible to lower than normal level standards of drinkable water. If you have any concerns about your drinking water speak with your health care provider. People with health concerns may require water testing and a filtration system what will meet their health needs or find an alternate source of drinking water.


Everyone can help protect drinking water

We all can help doing our part by disposing and keeping all chemicals in the proper containers and deposing properly. Read the container label.