Inspections for Repairs

It’s not uncommon to have your inspector return after repairs have been completed. Having the home inspector return for the pre-settlement walk through would be appropriate especially if the repairs have been done in the crawlspace, attic, or other areas hidden from general view. Sometimes buyers prefer (and/or would be better off) having an inspector verify that they were done correctly.

Buyers should request receipts for any repairs done so they know who did them. They should require that certain types of repairs, (electrical, plumbing, heating and cooling) be done by licensed professionals. Have your agent ask for the invoices for the repairs and services done for documentation to ensure that the works were done according to your request.

For added assurance, if you are not satisfied with the invoices as proof that the repairs were fixed correctly, and you are not comfortable assessing or evaluating the works or services yourself, you can bring your home inspector back to evaluate those repairs for you.

Sometimes it’s not necessary as the repairs can clearly be judged by the buyer and their agent as either satisfactory or not.

Keep this in mind: The home inspector’s job is locate issues and not to warranty work or repairs.

A home inspection is always a good investment for everyone.

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