Inspections for Remodels

Do I really need an inspection after a remodel? The contractor or person doing the remodel should know what they are doing, RIGHT? This is not always the case. Some have been known to cut corners, get finished, and get paid.

The purpose for having an inspection after or during a remodel is to visually evaluate the work performed. This could very well point out a defect or an item that is not correct. Sometimes these issues can cause anxiety later down the road long after the remodel has been completed. Then trying to get the contractor back to make those repairs could be very difficult. By that time it could be out of their warranty period. Then you could be left holding the bag, costing more to make the repairs yourself or hiring again which would be twice.

It would be a good idea to hire an home inspector to monitor the construction during the remodeling period. Pictures could taken during this stage which would give you something to look at later, pointing out a defect, if an issues arises.

YES. Hiring a home inspector after or during a remodel could save you money and anxiety later down the road.

A home inspection is always a good investment for everyone.

Now would be a good time to call and schedule a home remodel inspection.

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